Business Operations

Talc & Barite Powder Manufacturing

Technology is back bone of any industry , without using modern methods one cannot survive in this world competitive environment. We maintain our quality as per our customer's requirement and is achieved by highly sophisticated quality control equipment and procedures. We always test our minerals in our testing Laboratory before the dispatch to ensure complete quality assurance to our customers.

From our Mill / Plant we can do any required mesh size . Talc is mostly used in pulverized form. About 90% of the world's production is pulverized for various applications and the remaining 10% is used in the form of bricks and blocks. Suitable lumps are picked up from the run-of-mine for making into blocks and cut into different sizes with the help of knives. Other materials are sold to pulverizes for resale to consumers. Talc is pulverized to varying fineness, from 200 mesh to 325 mesh. For the preparation of cosmetics, talc of over 300 mesh is required. The fine mesh sizes of 200 and over are prepared for use as filler in paper, rubber and textile depending upon the fineness required by the consumers. Market specifications are dependent upon the colour, fineness, chemical composition, oil absorption property and bulk density. We are able to do 325, 400, 600, 1250, 2000 and 2500 mesh size as per customers requirements.